Welcome to Rimi Supplier Portal ‘iRimi’ - a designated web platform for RIMI (SIA “Rimi Latvia”, UAB “Rimi Lietuva” and Rimi Eesti Food AS) suppliers. The site has been designed as a source of information and communication channel between RIMI and our suppliers and it offers a variety of useful content for suppliers, including:

Accessing iRimi

Access to Supplier Portal ‘iRimi’ is completely free of charge for all existing RIMI suppliers. However, iRIMI is a password-protected site and only registered Authorised Users are permitted to access this portal.

If you work for a supplier company of RIMI and have no access to iRIMI yet, you should:

1. Carefully read the ‘Terms and Conditions of Access and Use of RIMI Supplier Portal’;

2. Fill in ‘RIMI Supplier Portal ‘Authorised User’ Nomination Form’.

Both documents must be signed by your company’s authorised signatory, scanned and sent to the following iRimi e-mail address for registration:

User accounts will be created only after RIMI has received both documents signed and sent to the e-mail address as described above. All Authorised Users will receive an e-mail notification with the new credentials as soon as their user accounts have been created (please make sure to indicate correct e-mail address in the ‘Authorised User’ Nomination Form)

If you have any questions of require assistance, please contact the iRimi support team: