1. Terms of Access
1.1 Access, free and voluntary, by COMPANY (“Supplier”) to RIMI Supplier Portal (“RIMI Supplier Portal”) is subject to acceptance by the Supplier of the terms laid down here, that it undertakes to respect under all circumstances, directly or indirectly, including by members of its personnel in general and by all Authorised Users, as defined in Article 1.3.
1.2 Certain applicational services of RIMI Supplier Portal may be accessible only under restricted terms which do not have to be justified, at the choice and according to the decision of RIMI and Supplier.
1.3 Definitions:
"Authorised User": A physical person, any member of the Supplier’s personnel chosen by the Supplier, nominally authorised by the Supplier to access RIMI Supplier Portal, and, in this respect, presumed to have accepted these Terms of Access. Each Authorised User shall utilise his professional e-mail as his identifier and shall be given a strictly personal and confidential username and password on creation of his user account. The Authorised User shall change his initial password during his first connection to RIMI Supplier Portal. Supplier provides list of Authorised Users from its company by filling ‘Authorised User nomination form’.
"Contents": The web page, the applications and, more generally, the information exchanged through RIMI Supplier Portal between RIMI and the Supplier.
"Promotion Planning Tool (PPT)": Special application available on RIMI Supplier Portal that allows Authorised User to view, select and apply for different pre-defined promotion periods at RIMI stores by filling a set of mandatory information requested by RIMI. Supplier shall grant access to Promotion Planning Tool application for one or more of its Authorised Users whose direct work responsibilities include management of Supplier’s product promotional and sales activities and related communication with RIMI responsible employees.
2. Terms of Use
2.1 Supplier, through the intermediary of all its Authorised Users and to the exclusion of all other persons, may access RMI Suppliers Portal and use its Contents. Supplier may use RIMI Supplier Portal non-exclusively, non-transferably, and for the sole purposes of Supplier’s contractual relationship with RIMI.
2.2 Supplier shall ensure that none of its Authorised Users permits any unauthorised person’s access to RIMI Supplier Portal.
2.3 Supplier shall be responsible for the acts and actions of all its Authorised Users and Supplier takes full responsibility for information submitted to RIMI by any of its Authorised Users through RIMI Supplier Portal. Any information submitted by Authorised Users through RIMI Supplier Portal will be treated as official information, application and/or request submitted on behalf of Supplier. Information provided in aforementioned manner will be legally binding for RIMI and Supplier.
2.4 At all times, Supplier may request Authorised User account deletion of any of its Authorised Users by writing to RIMI Supplier Portal support email and specifying the name and surname of Authorised User whose account shall be deleted. After reception of such request RIMI will deactivate the specific Authorized Users account.
2.5 If any Authorised User leaves Supplier’s company, Supplier must immediatelly inform RIMI by giving written notice to RIMI Supplier Portal support email After reception of such notification RIMI will deactivate the specific Authorized User’s account. In case Supplier does not inform RIMI about Authorised User who leaves Suppliers company, RIMI will not be liable for any damages caused to Supplier.
2.6 At any time, Supplier may request creation of additional Authorised Users by filling ‘Authorised User nomination form’ and sending the form electronically to, as well as sending a hardcopy of the document (signed by Supplier’s authorised signatory) to the following recipient:
iRimi Supplier Portal
Rimi Baltic Group
A. Deglava iela 161, Rīga
LV 1021, Latvia
New Authorised User accounts will be created only after RIMI has received ‘Authorised User nomination form’ both electronically and in hardcopy. On creation of the Authorised User account, the Authorised User will receive a strictly personal and confidential username and password to his e-mail address provided in the ‘Authorised User nomination form’ .
2.7 RIMI may collect certain personal information (name, surname, professional e-mail, phone number) about Authorised Users. Supplier agrees to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about all its Authorised Users as well to ensure that Authorised Users agree on such provision of personal information, during time period when Supplier is using RIMI Supplier Portal. Supplier undertakes to notify RIMI immediately of any changes in personal information of Authorised Users.
2.8 Supplier is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of RIMI Supplier Portal password issued to Authorized User on behalf of RIMI and Supplier is solely responsible for all activities that occur under passwords of its Authorised Users. Supplier undertakes to notify RIMI immediately of any unauthorized use of passwords or any other breach of security conditions or access rights related to RIMI Supplier Portal.
2.9 RIMI reserves the right to require any Authorised User to change the password if RIMI believes that the password is no longer secure.
2.10 Supplier recognises RIMI’s right at all times and without prior notice to suspend, whether temporarily or not, the access of Authorised Users to RIMI Supplier Portal. This might occur in cases (1) of disregard by the Supplier of any one of the Terms of Use laid down in this document, (2) of the termination, for whatever reason, of contractual relations/ cooperation between RIMI and the Supplier, (3) of maintenance and/or technical or functional problems linked to the infrastructure of RIMI Supplier Portal.
2.11 Supplier undertakes not to (1) copy or reproduce any of the documents or information obtained from RIMI Supplier Portal; and (2) distribute, disclose, or allow access to, or use of, RIMI Supplier Portal to or by any third party without the prior written permission of RIMI. Supplier shall ensure all its Authorised Users comply with these terms and conditions.
2.12 Supplier and its Authorised Users are strictly forbidden to show, present or provide visual representation of RIMI Supplier Portal (i.e. including live demonstration, photos or print screen images of system interface) to or by any third party without the prior written permission of RIMI. Supplier will be held liable for all damage caused if article 2.11 or article 2.12 is ignored.
2.13 Supplier undertakes not to carry out an operation of any kind that may occasion computer breakdowns of whatever nature likely to disturb the correct operation of RIMI Suppliers Portal and its environment.
2.14 Supplier acknowledges that RIMI may monitor its Authorised User’s activities on RIMI Supplier Portal at RIMI’s discretion in accordance with applicable laws, and Supplier consents to such monitoring.
3. Confidentiality
3.1 Supplier shall treat all information and materials obtained on or through RIMI Supplier Portal as proprietary and confidential to RIMI, and, except to the extent permitted, if at all, shall not disclose or distribute such information to any third party without RIMI’s express written consent.
4. Limitation of Liability
4.1 In terms of the operation and continuity of the service, RIMI undertakes to use all reasonable means to achieve the desired result and performance of RIMI Supplier Portal, but without guaranteeing that the site will always be available, or that it will be entirely free of errors.
4.2 RIMI cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of RIMI Supplier Portal, irrespective of the cause; in particular, RIMI cannot be held responsible for the alteration of or fraudulent access to data and/or the accidental transmission of viruses via the service. Similarly, RIMI cannot be held liable for occurrences due to force majeure, breakdowns or technical problems involving hardware, software or the Internet network that might lead to the suspension or termination of the service.
4.3 RIMI Supplier Portal may contain hyperlinks to other external sites. RIMI is not responsible for any other site to which Authorised Users may have access via RIMI Supplier Portal, nor for the content or operation thereof or access thereto.